Mysore Park Workshops


How to submit

  • Please submit proposals for workshops in the format given below by email to Manindra Agrawal, chair of the Scientific Board.


  • Proposals should be submitted at least 8 months before the proposed dates of the workshop.

  • We are currently limited to about 3 workshops in the next year, so applying early is advisable.

Proposal format

  • Topic for the workshop along with a short summary

    • The summary should include 2-3 technical paragraphs about specific directions or trends you want to focus on.
  • Program chairs

    • At least one of the chairs must be permanently based in India.
  • Tentative list of invitees

    • You are encouraged to invite experts in the topic from all over the world to keep quality of discussion high.
    • Due to logistical constraints, the total number of participants in a workshops is limited to 60.
    • Please plan the numbers so that you can include about 15 students from India. The names of these students need not be fixed at the time of submitting the proposal.
  • Sources of travel support, and how much money you need from Mysore-Park series

    • Room and board costs are borne by Infosys.
    • Partial travel support may be available from Mysore-Park series, but we encourage you to use other sources of funding you have for travel support.
  • Tentative dates for the workshop

    • Workshops are typically 3-4 days long.
    • Please propose multiple dates, in order of preference. Scheduling depends on availability of the Infosys campus.